The Church Needs a New Roof

We have known about the leaks for some time, but the truth is that it is really hard to get anyone on the building and grounds committee to agree on much lately. So we had to go straight to some of the most generous donors among the congregation. It was not that big of a deal to arrange for them to donate money specifically for paying for someone to do flat roof repair in Queens. I was pretty happy when I got the bill that we took, since we did not have to take up the entire roof. Of course it is pretty obvious when you think about this, you can put a new layer on the roof for just so long until it becomes too heavy. I do not know how heavy that stuff is, but if you think about it has to be heavier than water. Water weighs over eight pounds a gallon, so a five gallon bucket weighs over forty pounds. It is pretty obvious that the stuff that they put on the roof is really dense and heavy, so a layer of it is going to weigh a lot.

It is obvious that there is only so much weight that any structure is going to bear before it collapses. The roof has to be strong enough to hold the weight of a heavy rain or more importantly the amount of snow that falls in the course of a winter. You are going to have to think about that when you repair it. Of course the roofing company says that this is the last time you can just put another layer on the roof. The next time is going to be a lot more expensive since you have to remove the old material completely and start over new.